Listening to an audiobook is an easy way to maximize your productivity while on the go. Feel inspired, motivated, or entertained whether heading out on a business trip or your daily commute. Simply load up your device with the latest business audiobooks or other timely new releases and your trip will fly by.


Enjoy these business recommendations and other listening ideas, along with sample clips of exciting new releases.
Business Audiobooks for the New Year In business as in life, flexibility is your MVP. Blaze a new path (or ditch paths altogether) with these powerful and practical new audiobooks.
This Is the Author | Richard Sheridan, Ralph De La Rosa, and Hamish McKenzie In this episode, meet Richard Sheridan, author of Chief Joy Officer, Ralph De La Rosa, author of The Monkey Is the Messenger, and Hamish McKenzie, author of Insane Mode. From stories of joyful ...
This Is the Author | Jessica Brody, James Clear, and Anthony Iannarino In this episode, meet Jessica Brody, author of Save the Cat! Writes a Novel, James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, and Anthony Iannarino, author of Eat Their Lunch. From how to write a novel to ...
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