Listening to the audiobook can add another dimension to your book club’s conversation as well as help book club members who don’t necessarily have time to read still manage to participate. Liven up your book club with these book club theme ideas and audiobook-specific questions.


Want to give it a try but don’t know how to start? Here are some title suggestions and other advice to help you get going!
Q&A with Soniah Kamal, Author of Unmarriageable Since a fiction author as the narrator of their audiobook is a rare treat, we caught up with Soniah Kamal to get to know her a little better and learn more about Unmarriageable!
Celebrate the 10th Flavia de Luce mystery with a special message from the spunky sleuth herself (as read by narrator Jayne Entwistle!) Flavia de Luce decided it's a good time to share 10 reasons why it would be a crime to miss out on her adventures!
Book Club Audiobooks for the New Year It’s the time when people start vowing to do all kinds of new things to improve themselves and their lives. If your resolution is to finally make it to a book club meeting, let audiobooks help.
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