They call the ancient hills of Jerusalem the  butcher's theater. Here, upon this bloodstained stage,  a faceless killer performs his violent specialty:  The first to die brutally is a fifteen-year-old  girl. She is drained of blood, then carefully bathed  and shrouded in white. Precisely one week later, a  second victim is found. From the sacred  Wailing Wall to the monasteries where dark secrets  are cloistered, from black-clad bedouin enclaves  to labyrinthine midnight alleys, veteran police  inspector Daniel Sharavi and his crack team plunge  deep into a city simmering with religious and  political passions to hunt for a murderer whos  insatiable taste for young women could destroy the  delicate balance on which Jerusalem's very survival  depends.

A brilliant novel by a master of  the genre, a vivid look at the tortured  complexities of a psychopath's mind, a rich evocation of a  city steeped in history -- this, and more, is  The Butcher's Theater.
"Crisp ... suspenseful ... intense." -- The  New York Times Book Review

  "Spellbinding ... a fascinating tale." --  Time

"A finish as tense  and suspensful as that of The Day Of The  Jackal or Eye Of The  Needle. " -- USA Today  

"This one is going to scare the hell out of a lot  of people on its way to the bestseller lists"  -- Elmore Leonard