In this gripping follow-up to her sensational debut, Haunted Ground, Erin Hart delves into Ireland's mysterious peat bogs to create a stunning tale of deception and murder. Pathologist Nora Gavin arrives at a desolate industrial site in the Irish midlands, a place known as the Lake of Sorrows, where workers have just unearthed a long-buried body. But moments after her arrival a much more recent victim is discovered. Like the ancient body, the new corpse bears multiple wounds, suggesting the ritual sacrifice of Ireland's blood-soaked pagan past. Nora and archaeologist Cormac Maguire, caught up in a tumultuous love affair, must team up again professionally, and are soon enmeshed in the web of tangled desires and terrible secrets that surround this mysterious death. Illicit liaisons, rumors of ancient gold and vengeance fuel the mounting danger.

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