From The Breaks of the Game to Summer of '49, David Halberstam has brought the perspective of a great historian, the inside knowledge of a dogged sportswriter, and the love of a fan to bear on some of the most mythic players and teams in the annals of American sport. With Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls he has given himself his greatest challenge and produced his greatest triumph. In Playing for Keeps, David Halberstam takes the first full measure of Michael Jordan's epic career, one of the great American stories of our time. A narrative of astonishing power and human drama, brimming with revealing anecdotes and penetrating insights, the book chronicles the forces in Jordan's life that have shaped him into history's greatest basketball player and the larger forces that have converged to make him the most famous living human being in the world.
"David Halberstam has written a remarkable book about the changes in American society over the last twenty-five years. On one level, it is about basketball and the game's greatest player, Michael Jordan. On another level, it is about how an entertainment culture envelops Jordan and makes him its own. But on its deepest level, it is a story about working to overcome the odds, honoring parents and family, and striving to become a   positive social force. This book is a must read for basketball fans, admirers of Jordan, and anyone who seeks to understand sports in America today."       --Bill Bradley

Praise for

The Breaks of the Game

"One of the best books I've ever read about sports."
--The New York Times

"The best book Halberstam has written...immediate and moving."
--The Washington Post

Summer of '49

"Dazzling... a celebration of a vanished heroic age and a 'simpler America.' "
--The New York Times

"Paradise regained...a gorgeous story with personalities and anecdotes jam-packing every page."

The Amateurs
"Astonishing... moving. One of the best books ever written about a sport."