There are those of you who were saddened by Fergal's death in The Fall of Fergal. Now Fergal is back.
There are those of you who recoiled at yet more death in Heir of Mystery. This should cheer you up. 
There are those of you frustrated by not knowing what was causing the terrible outbreak of holes across the land. Your frustration will soon be at an end.
There are those of you eager to find out the secret of Mr. Maggs's teddy bear. The wait is over.
And as for LeFay, Albie, and Josh's particular powers? Just give me time.


The third and final Unlikely Exploit!

In this, the third and final Unlikely Exploit, the reader is taken on a journey through time in all directions, even revisiting some events from the previous Exploits and traveling back further still to a time before the McNally family's extraordinary adventures began. And as if that wasn't ridiculous enough, there's also a glimpse of the shape of things to come. This is the Exploit where the McNallys' powers are finally revealed and everything falls into place. Whether it makes sense or not is another matter. It's all so unlikely!