What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas anymore—not with VEGAS CONFESSIONS! Listen to these true stories about wild and crazy happenings in Sin City. The names of the guilty have been changed, but if you want to know what really happens in Vegas, all the sex, gambling, drinking, and extra-curricular activities, then give VEGAS CONFESSIONS a listen.

Vegas Confessions 9:
Sink your senses into these sumptuous and stimulating stories of saucy behavior that can only be found on the Vegas strip. You’ll be tickled, enticed, and even teasingly tortured by these scandalous admissions of misbehavior. If the Jailhouse Is Knockin’, one woman just keeps right on rocking! In My Nine in Her Deep Space, he had his milky way with her, and it was really out of this world! She was Bound and Determined to show her man how much she really had tied up in being with him. These adventures will have you longing to create some mischief of your own, as you get swept away into VEGAS CONFESSIONS.