From Frederick Forsyth, the grand master of international suspense, comes his most intriguing story ever—his own.
For more than forty years, Frederick Forsyth has been writing extraordinary real-world novels of intrigue, from the groundbreaking The Day of the Jackal to the prescient The Kill List. Whether writing about the murky world of arms dealers, the shadowy Nazi underground movement, or the intricacies of worldwide drug cartels, every plot has been chillingly plausible because every detail has been minutely researched.

But what most people don’t know is that some of his greatest stories of intrigue have been in his own life.

He was the RAF’s youngest pilot at the age of nineteen, barely escaped the wrath of an arms dealer in Hamburg, got strafed by a MiG during the Nigerian civil war, landed during a bloody coup in Guinea-Bissau (and was accused of helping fund a 1973 coup in Equatorial Guinea). The Stasi arrested him, the Israelis feted him, the IRA threatened him, and a certain attractive Czech secret police agent—well, her actions were a bit more intimate. And that’s just for starters.
It is a memoir like no other—and a book of pure delight.



“Like le Carré, Frederick Forsyth had an early breakthrough success ("The Day of the Jackal"), went on to entertain millions of readers (through 17 books) and carried out assignments for MI6, using novel research as a cover for 'enhanced tourism.'...'The Outsider' gives us a generous sampling of them. This is a raconteur's book...all told with such enthusiasm." — New York Times Book Review
“Forsyth relates the many fascinating episodes of his life with joie de vivre and a disarming sense of wonder that will ring true with readers of his novels. Also recommended for those unfamiliar with Forsyth’s fiction but intrigued by the rich observations and well-earned ruminations of a master of his craft.” —Patrick A. Smith, Bainbridge State Coll., GA, Library Journal
“If there is one memoir to read this autumn, it’s Frederick Forsyth’s extraordinary life story, The Outsider, which reads like a James Bond novel.” —The Irish Independent
“A very intriguing look at the personal story of the man behind numerous best-selling thrillers.”— Booklist
“Forsyth packs his stories with history both personal and global, and writes with the charm of a man recounting his escapades to grown grandchildren, making this a riveting and refreshing memoir.” — Publishers Weekly
“Acclaimed thriller writer Forsyth delivers a charming autobiography about his real-life adventures around the globe….Forsyth’s tales of derring-do are a pleasure to read, especially when coupled with his self-deprecating humor, but his most endearing quality is his ravenous curiosity, which pulled him from one exotic location to another…[A]fter living such an exotic life, Forsyth has earned his bragging rights.”— Kirkus Reviews
“The man has lived an amazing life. Call it stranger than fiction.” — Washington Post
“[Forsyth] brings his considerable narrative gifts to bear on himself…Spectacular.” — Wall Street Journal

Praise for Forsyth

“Forsyth is truly the world’s reigning master of suspense.” —Los Angeles Times
“When it comes to espionage, international intrigue and suspense, Frederick Forsyth is a master.” —The Washington Post
“There are writers in the intelligence genre who make a point of knowing something about their subject before sitting down to write. The king of the pack is Frederick Forsyth.”
The Washington Times

“Forsyth shows once again he’s a master of the political thriller by taking a simple but completely original idea and turning it into a compelling story. A forceful, suspenseful, intelligent novel.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Forsyth has been thrilling readers since the early 1970s. The Cobra shows that he isn’t letting up yet. The twists are sharp and the turns are unpredictable, and Forsyth’s easy, exciting style guarantees a rich, entertaining read.” – Columbus Dispatch

“No one writes them quite like Forsyth, and this more than meets his usual high standards. Forsyth has always been a no-nonsense writer, eschewing fancy prose in favor of documentary realism, incorporating real-world elements into his stories.”--Booklist

“More than 40 years after he gave us the Jackal, Forsyth gives us the Preacher, a masked jihadist extremist whose videos are radicalizing Muslims into killing public officials. Forsyth powers his plot with a clean efficiency, providing an absorbing account of the clockwork moves and split-second decisions required to close in on and dispatch the enemy.” --Kirkus Reviews 

“Forsyth places The  Kill List very much in the real world, which is a dangerous place. By the final hundred pages, readers will find their hearts firmly lodged in their mouths. More than mere entertainment, The Kill List is worth reading as a tribute to those rough men who stand ready in the night while we sleep peacefully.”
“More than four decades later, Forsyth’s new thriller proves he has lost none of his powers. The prose, like the plot, is as taut and lean as ever. Forsyth remains the master of his trade.”--Sunday Express