A sweeping historical audio of 19th century America about a group of unforgettable women who seek to remake their destinies.
     After Clara Bixby is abandoned by her husband and fired from her job in a New York City tavern, she has nowhere to turn. Though the Civil War has ended, life remains uncertain, especially for single women. But when she reads about Destination, Nebraska--a town populated entirely by bachelors--Clara sees a golden business opportunity. She contacts the mayor with a solution: she will match single women in New York City with homesteading bachelors and bring the brides by rail across the wild frontier. This group of women--who range from an upper-class war widow to a Bavarian immigrant--embark with Clara on an epic journey across America in search of security, a new life, and the possibility of love.
"The three central, compelling women of In Need of a Good Wife are each, in turn, terribly lost and deeply brave. I adored them and rooted for them…I found it deliciously satisfying that the redemption I wished for each of them arrived in completely unexpected ways, taking both me and the characters by surprise."--Katrina Kittle, author of The Blessings of the Animals

"With graceful prose and historical settings that shine with vitality, In Need of a Good Wife is unforgettable."--Kristina Riggle, author of Real Life and Liars

“Painting vivid images of the poverty of post-Civil War Manhattan City and the harrows of Destination, Nebraska, McNees weaves a hopeful, compelling story of love and resilience so engaging it is impossible to put down."--Robin Oliveira, author of My Name is Mary Sutter

In Need of a Good Wife is a beautifully wrought story, every page bursting with poetry and adventure.  McNees sweeps us west with such hope and excitement that we ache and rejoice, celebrate and cry.”--Susan Gregg Gilmore, author of Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen

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