Too many Americans die each year as a result of preventable medical error—mistakes, complications, and misdiagnoses. And many more of us are not receiving the best care possible, even though it’s readily available and we’re entitled to it. The key is knowing how to access it.

The Patient’s Playbook is a call to action. It will change the way you manage your health and the health of your family, and it will show you how to choose the right doctor, coordinate the best care, and get to the No-Mistake Zone in medical decision making. Leslie D. Michelson has devoted his life’s work to helping people achieve superior medical outcomes at every stage of their lives. Michelson presents real-life stories that impart lessons and illuminate his easy-to-follow strategies for navigating complex situations and cases.  

The Patient’s Playbook is an essential guide to the most effective techniques for getting the best from a broken system: sourcing excellent physicians, selecting the right treatment protocols, researching with precision, and structuring the ideal support team. Along the way you will learn:

Why having the right primary care physician will change your life

Three things you can do right now to be better prepared when illness strikes

The ten must-ask questions at the end of a hospital stay

How to protect yourself from unnecessary and dangerous treatments

Ways to avoid the four most common mistakes in the first twenty-four hours of a medical emergency

This book will enable you to become a smarter health care consumer—and to replace anxiety with confidence.

A Word from the Doctors: 

"The decisions you make about your medical care will have a profound impact on you and your family's life.... Successfully steering through the medical system can be a challenge. In The Patient's Playbook, Michelson gives away secrets of the trade—lessons he's learned from more than thirty years of helping people get better outcomes.... He levels the playing field by providing average patients who have ordinary health insurance with the resources, advice, and tools they need to make better medical decisions.... As a patient, you have more power than you think. This book will help you find that power and use it to maximum advantage."
—From the Foreword by Peter T. Scardino, M.D., Chair, Department of Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

"What a tour de force! Every health care consumer (and caregiver) can greatly benefit from this practical guide to achieving better health outcomes. Simple, actionable advice abounds, and each recommendation for how to best navigate the complex health care system is enriched with Leslie Michelson's recounting of poignant stories from his extensive experience. With this playbook, all of us can better protect our most valuable asset--our health." 
—Jonathan E. Fielding, M.D., Distinguished Professor, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and Geffen School of Medicine, and former director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health 


"Trust me—you need this guide because everyone at some point faces a health crisis. Michelson details, step by crucial step, how to navigate the terrifying world of doctors, hospitals, second opinions, drug trials, and insurance so you get lifesaving results."
AARP Best Books of 2015

"Michelson implores patients to be intensely involved in their own care.... He urges 'bring their A-game' to the doctor's office...advocat[ing] smart care, not more care." 
The Wall Street Journal

"In this unique and useful book, [Michelson] maps out a plan to organize competent medical care when needed.... He provides advice and resources that help individuals become medically prepared, make sound health-care decisions, and more likely achieve favorable results.... An invaluable resource, The Patient’s Playbook can effectively assist individuals in navigating the complex and often overwhelming world of illness."
Booklist (Starred Review)

"Unlike most how-to books, this one is thick with advice and instructions....what's at stake: Your need to obtain the best possible diagnosis and treatment from an expensive but fractured netowrk of health care providers....The steps Michelson offers for negotiating the system mirror what his company does for patients—finding top experts and coordinating care....his insights about the importance of getting your caregivers to notice and talk to you is invaluable."
Sarasota Herald-Tribune 

"A primer on making the right moves as an active participant in your health care.... Michelson is the CEO of a company that works with patients to get the best possible care—not only from the best possible physicians...but also through guiding guiding them through the process described in this book, one that shifts the role of care director over to the patient....with this useful book, patients can have more say over what direction treatment takes rather than just going along for the ride."
Kirkus Reviews