Set in Alaska, Edgar Award winner Dana Stabenow’s novels combine a rich portrait of life in the frozen north with taut suspense and top-notch characters. In this latest installment in the Kate Shugak series, the possibility of drilling for oil in a wildlife preserve near the home of the dynamic Aleutian P.I. has battle lines drawn. Things heat up when a ranger at the preserve loses his job for political reasons, but when a passionate conservation spokesperson is found poisoned, the war begins in earnest. In a gripping story both entertaining and tense—not to mention timely—Dana Stabenow brings to life the beauty and danger of living and dying in Alaska. This could be the novel that catapults Stabenow into the forefront of crime fiction today.

“The series is known for its breathtaking portrayal of the Alaskan scenery and way of life, its complex characterizations and the wry humor that gives the stories their unique appeal.”—Writers Write

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