• When should you email, and when should you call, fax, or just show up?
• What is the crucial–and most often overlooked–line in an email?
• What is the best strategy when you send (in anger or error) a potentially career-ending electronic bombshell?

Enter Send. Whether you email just a little or never stop, here, at last, is an authoritative and delightful audiobook that shows how to write the perfect email anywhere. Send also points out the numerous (but not always obvious) times when email can be the worst option and might land you in hot water (or even jail!).
The secret is, of course, to think before you click. Send is nothing short of a survival guide for the digital age–wise, brimming with good humor, and filled with helpful lessons from the authors’ own email experiences (and mistakes). In short: absolutely
“An informative, entertaining, thorough, and thoughtful book. . . . Much of their advice would apply equally well to old-fashioned letters; it’s common sense, mingled with some basic principles of etiquette and grammar. But the authors present this advice concisely and often amusingly, with real-life examples of email gone bad. . . . I wish I’d read this book long ago.”–Dave Barry, The New York Times Book Review“With the publication of their book, Send, they have put themselves forward as the genre’s Strunk and White.”–Nick Paumgarten, The New YorkerSend is an easy to read primer, full of practical tips for every emailer.” —Bob Eckert, Charman and CEO, Mattel, Inc.“Given email’s brief history, there’s no established etiquette for usage, which is why this primer is so valuable. It promises the reader hope of becoming more efficient and less annoying, reducing danger of a career-ending blunder.”—Publishers WeeklySend can help any of us send emails that build better business relationships and get better results.”—Spencer Johnson, M.D., author of Who Moved My Cheese?“It should not have taken until 2007 for someone to write the definitive tome on email. Send is to email what The Elements of Style is to writing. Thank God it’s here at last. (BCC: David Shipley and Will Schwalbe)”—Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of the Start“This is just the book I’ve been waiting for.”—Bill Bryson“A fascinating, entertaining, and, above all, informative look at email—and how it changed the way we communicate with one another. What Strunk and White is to style, this book is to email. It’s a terrific read. I highly recommend it.”—Charles Osgood“The Internet has finally found its Emily Post. If after you’ve read this you fail to change your emailing habits, you’re doomed. Read it or weep.”—Michael Lewis, author of The Blind Side and Moneyball