From one of the most innovative neuroscientists at work today, an investigation into the bias toward optimism that exists on a neural level in our brains and plays a major part in determining how we live our lives.
Psychologists have long been aware that most people maintain an often irrationally positive outlook on life. In fact, optimism may be crucial to our existence. Tali Sharot’s experiments, research, and findings in cognitive science have contributed to an increased understanding of the biological basis of optimism. In this fascinating exploration, she takes an in-depth, clarifying look at how the brain generates hope and what happens when it fails; how the brains of optimists and pessimists differ; why we are terrible at predicting what will make us happy; how emotions strengthen our ability to recollect; how anticipation and dread affect us; and how our optimistic illusions affect our financial, professional, and emotional decisions.
With its cutting-edge science and its wide-ranging and accessible narrative, The Optimism Bias provides us with startling new insight into the workings of the brain.

"What a treat.  A charming, engaging and accessible book written by a scientist who knows how to tell a story." - Richard Thaler, author of Nudge

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“If you read her story, you'll get a better grip on how we function in it. I'm optimistic about that.” –Richard Stengel, Time

“Lively, conversational…A well-told, heartening report from neuroscience’s front lines.” –Kirkus

“Insightful, Oliver Sacks–y first book.” –Village Voice (Summer Book Picks)

“Most readers will turn to the last page not only buoyed by hope but also aware of the sources and benefits of that hope.” –Booklist  

“Fascinating.” –Insane Science, NPR

A book I’d suggest to anyone.. offers evolutionary, neurological, and even slightly philosophical reasons for optimism” –Forbes 
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