The End of the Road
This delightful collection of stories from Tom Bodett's acclaimed book The End of the Road is a fictional chronicle of a small Alaska town.  Follow the romantic misadventures of sixties throwback Tamara Dupree, vegetarian activist and New Age missionary; join Stormy Storbock and Ed Flannigan on their sightseeing tour across America by fire truck; meet local ne'er-do-well Doug McDoogan, who has a bright new future in the arts.

The Last Decent Parking Place In North America
Listen as patrons of Clara's Coffee Cup, home of the worst--and only--coffee in town, celebrate the diner's twentieth anniversary with the gift she's most likely to reject; marvel as the new urban planner discovers the End of the Road in all its unplanned splendor and complications; and rejoice as Doug McDoogan, America's least successful entrepreneur, whittles his way to fame and fortune in the rarified World of Art.  Park your car at the End of the Road and meet the crowd of dreamers, cynics, fisherman, and loveable individualists.

Those Grand Occasions at the End of the Road
There's just no telling what will happen when the people from the End of the Road get together to make an occasion of it.  From the Rod and Gun League's East Egg Stalk, where a confirmed pacifist wins a lifetime membership in the Predator's Club, to the annual New Year's Eve fistfight between junkyard tycoon Argus Winslow and Bud Koenig, they just never know what to expect.