Compared by critics to such masterful storytellers as Raymond Carver, Rick Bass, and Thom Jones, Elwood Reid, author of the acclaimed novel If I Don't Six, signals a powerful presence on the American literary landscape with his knockout story collection, What Salmon Know.

Reid's characters are tough men living in a world tougher than they are. Life's disappointments fester in their hearts, dashing earnest hopes and provoking violent tendencies made manifest in bad behavior and fatalistic posturing. But there's more to these men than meets the eye, and with great emotional acuity, Reid sheds light on their opaque souls.

From the Trade Paperback edition.
"Imagine Sherwood Anderson on the dark side of town, with Nicolas Cage riding shotgun." --USA Today

"Best read in one sitting as a tour de force." --Boston Book Review

"The honesty of Reid's prose produces an emotional resonance that fills the heart, the kind of stuff literature is made of." --The Denver Post

"Strong, unsettling tales, narrated in a spare, pungent prose"--Kirkus Reviews

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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