Published to coincide with the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Forbes 400, ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, the work of a team of prominent editors and business writers, goes behind the celebrated list to paint a vivid and revealing portrait of the wealthiest Americans of the past quarter century. Abundantly anecdotal, with insights gleaned from original research, interviews with Forbes 400 members, and never-before-compiled data, it shows how fortunes are made in various industries, and how, once made, they are saved, enhanced, and sometimes squandered.

From Wall Street to the West Coast, from blue-collar billionaires to blue-blood fortunes, ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD gives us the lowdown on, among other things: the all-time richest Americans, who made and lost the most money, the fields and industries that have produced the greatest wealth, the biggest risk takers, the most wasteful family feuds, and the most and least generous philanthropists.

Produced in collaboration with Forbes magazine, ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD is a vastly entertaining, behind-the-scenes look at today’s Big Rich, a subject of enduring fascination to all Americans.
"Studded with tables, charts and sidebars, All the Money in the World is full of rags-to-riches stories and colorful anecdotes that make it as compulsively readable as best sellers like Michael Gross's 740 Park and Steven Gaines's Philistines at the Hedgerow."
--Liesl Schillinger, New York Times

"Fascinating . . . Intriguing . . . Full of colorful characters and meticulous research, this book is inspired, insightful and lots of fun."
--Publishers Weekly

"Highly readable and provocative."
--Ron Wynn, Bookpage

"Uncovers a plethora of facts and figures about the superrich. . . goes behind the numbers to study their personalities and psychology, in essence revealing what makes them tick . . . providing enough charts, graphs, and comparisons to satisfy any statistician, and enough gossip on ruthlessness, risk-taking, family squabbles, and scandalous affairs to satisfy the rest of us."
--David Siegfried, Booklist

“Fascinating . . . The text is enhanced by 102 interesting and often humorous sidebars and an alphabetically organized appendix that lists all Forbes 400 members past and present, including each member's number of years on the list, year of highest net worth, and peak net worth.”
--Caroline Geck, Library Journal