Spunky, sweet-natured Jessica Monroe is 34 years old and perfectly happy being single. A producer at a top-rated morning show with a coterie of fun friends and a busy nightlife, she isn't in any rush to meet a man. Her girlfriends, however, disapprove. And when they secretly place a personal ad on a hot singles Web site on her behalf, Jess is reluctantly hurtled into the topsy-turvy world of online dating, where frogs masquerade as princes—but your soul mate might be just one click away.

A laugh-out-loud whirlwind of disastrous dates ensues, from Simon, who seems dreamy over e-mail but ditches her at the dinner table, leaving her with the bill, to Graham, a self-described “Ferrari driver” who turns out to be a car salesman—with several (old, fat, bald, creepy, cheap, stuck-up) men in between. When an unforeseen event turns her world upside down, Jess starts to wonder if the qualities she thinks she wants in a man are what she ultimately needs. And whether, as a new mystery suitor appears in her e-mail in-box, Cupid has other possibilities up his sleeve . . .

With her sparkling sensibility and brilliant knack for rendering the foibles of modern love in a fresh, unforgettable way, Jane Moore has become one of the fastest-growing names in contemporary women's fiction. Told with her signature wit, wisdom, and sass, Love @ First Site is an irresistible tale about what happens when we start to look for love between the lines on a computer screen--and a winning, unputdownable look at contemporary romance.
Praise for Jane Moore’s Love at First Site:

"Jane Moore's new novel is spot on when it comes to tuning in to the female zeitgeist . . . will leave you with a warm glow." —Elle (UK)

Every bit as satisfying as a gloriously gossipy night out with the girls." —Daily Mail (London)

Praise for The Ex Files:

“Delectable . . . Moore’s tale is a fun, fresh read with an underlying sophistication.”—People

“Moore’s take on relationships is contemporary and complex, and full of blistering one-liners.”—Glamour

Praise for Fourplay:

“An hilarious and assured modern-day Jane Austin romp. Buy it for your girlfriend and read it over her shoulder.”—GQ

“As therapeutic for heartbreak as a voodoo doll!”—Glamour