July 2018 Debut Audiobooks
This is the Author | Jonathan Santlofer

“I wrote my book because I had to. I didn’t plan on it to be a book. I kept notebooks for several years after my wife died and at a certain point I started transcribing them and I realized that in doing that it was not just helping me understand certain things but it was giving me a certain kind of distance I needed to move forward.”

Learn more about The Widower’s Notebook.

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Early Summer 2018 Debuts
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Beach Listens for Adults
Relax at the Beach with Audiobooks

It’s that time of year when trips to the beach and basking in sunshine are a frequent occurrence. Plug into audiobooks so you can read and enjoy the scenery at the same time. Read more

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summer audios for tv and film
Audiobooks about books
7 Great Audiobooks About Books

What do audiobook listeners love more than a good story? A good story about books. We’ve rounded up seven of the best audiobooks in which books play a central role. Read more

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