This is the Author | Cara Alwill Leyba

“I was inspired to write this book because I actually wrote a book called GIRL CODE a couple of years ago, which was all about women coming together and supporting one another. But I noticed there was an issue. Women were totally excited and on board to support one another, and they knew that they’d be happier if they did that, but they couldn’t get there if they didn’t have confidence in themselves first.”

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This is the Author | Beck Dorey-Stein

“My book is about my five years that I spent in the white house in the Obama administration and the two months I spent in the Trump administration as a stenographer. I actually got the job on Craigslist so I was a bit of a fish out of water. The story is really about a young woman, me, finding her way along the corridors of power and making a lot of bad decisions and poor life choices, and having a lot of embarrassing moments, but also figuring out what’s important and what’s not—all while having a front row seat to history.”

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This is the Author | Jonathan Santlofer

“I wrote my book because I had to. I didn’t plan on it to be a book. I kept notebooks for several years after my wife died and at a certain point I started transcribing them and I realized that in doing that it was not just helping me understand certain things but it was giving me a certain kind of distance I needed to move forward.”

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This is the Author | Leslie Schwartz

“I wrote my book because I didn’t want to have any secrets and I thought that it would be important to talk about the abuses that women face in jail. I also thought it would be important to talk about books, because even though we live in the digital age, there’s nothing better than holding a book in your hand.”

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This is the Author | Ben Reiter

“ASTROBALL is really the result of several twists of fate. In 2014, in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, I wrote a cover story about what was then the worst team in baseball, one of the worst teams in baseball history, and we predicted on the cover that they would win the 2017 World Series. And then they actually did. I just had to write a book about the new techniques they used to get from the bottom to the top.”

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This is the Author | Paul Greenberg

“Here I was really kind of cruising into the very heart of middle age and suddenly there was this compound called Omega-3’s and also this Omega-3 compound was implicitly and explicitly connected to the entire food system of the ocean, at least in how it’s discussed in most magazines and newspapers. I thought this was a good way in to look at a lot of different things going on in the ocean but yet remain focused on what readers are interested in, which is their health and their food.”

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This is the Author | Annie Lowry

“The inspiration for this book came from a few places; It was really a knitting together of a number of stories and themes that I had been working on for years, having to do with problems with the welfare system, and the kind of grand promise of just giving people cash coming from developing countries, like Brazil. ”

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