This is the Author | Wendy Mitchell

“I wrote my book, SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW, because I wanted to show the audience that the diagnosis of dementia doesn’t have to mean the end. When people hear the word “dementia” they often think of the end stages. I wanted to show how each person has a beginning, and a middle, and many adventures and laughter in between.”

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This is the Author | Shane Snow

“What planted the seed for this book was a couple of things. I allude to this story of my dad being an engineer, working in nuclear energy. I grew up with this storyline about how all of these amazing scientists collaborated together to create this groundbreaking thing that was going to change the world. Then when I was an adult, I learned how that same technology was probably going to be what wipes us out. I kind of freaked out about this for a while.”

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This is the Author | Claudia Renton

“What brought me to write about the Wyndham sisters was the painting, really, the painting that hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It’s a tremendous painting, it’s enormous, and it takes up almost one big wall of the gallery. And if you go and see that painting you’ll see that it kind of socks you in the face. And it was that question of what lay behind that image of perfection of these three women dressed all in white, and what their lives were.”

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This is the Author | Jordan Peterson

“I wrote this book as a consequence of being obsessed, I would say, with the insanity of the Cold War. It struck me in the ’80s, and I suppose in the late ’70s, that the fact that two armed camps had appeared in the world, each of which was poised to destroy the other utterly, and themselves at the same time, was a problem of such paramount importance that nothing else was worth thinking about.”

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This is the Author | Lauren Groff

“I began to write this book a few years after we moved to Gainesville, Florida, where we’ve been for about 12 years. The first few years I really lived here kicking and screaming. I did not want to be here. And eventually I started to understand that my more interesting and maybe more complex work comes out of a sense of ambivalence.”

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