This Is The Author | Anne Helen Petersen

“I found myself writing about a lot of these women in my day job, which is a culture writer at BuzzFeed. And it seemed clear to me that there was something that was changing. I used to be a professor, and I focused on media studies but also gender studies. And so I was very familiar with the ways that attitude towards women, an embrace of feminism, and unruliness generally, kind of ebb and flow over decades.”

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Continuing Terry Brooks’s Shannara Series with The Black Elfstone

Terry Brooks’s Shannara series welcomes its newest member, The Black Elfstone, which is actually the first book of the four-part conclusion to his epic Shannara series. Listen to an excerpt THE BLACK ELFSTONE READ MORE

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This Is The Author | Eddie Izzard

“Somebody asked me ‘Do you want to do an autobiography?’ I wasn’t going to do it now—I say this in my introduction. I thought it’s what you do at the end…I did not know the rules. But they said, ‘Do it!’ I thought, okay, I’ll do one. It’s a halfway point. This is my first half of life.”

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This Is The Author | Victor LaValle

“The story behind my book THE CHANGELING is that I became a new father and started taking endless numbers of photos of my son, and posting them to Facebook almost immediately. And then I had to ask myself why in the world was I sharing something so private.”

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