This is the Author | Jennifer Dulski

“The book is about how each of us have the power to create movements and walks you through the steps of how to do that, as told through the real stories of people and sometimes surprising people who have already done it.”

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Beach Listens for Adults
Relax at the Beach with Audiobooks

It’s that time of year when trips to the beach and basking in sunshine are a frequent occurrence. Plug into audiobooks so you can read and enjoy the scenery at the same time. READ MORE

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This is the Author | Kimberly Ann Johnson

“What planted the seed for me to write this book was my own postpartum healing experience. As I was in my own recovery process, I recognized that I was having individual considerations but I could also tell that what I was going through was a collective and archetypal experience.”

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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
This is the Author | Marc and Angel Chernoff

“Getting Back to Happy is really the journey of the lessons we learned from losing two loved ones back to back to illness and suicide and then losing Angel’s breadwinning job in the downturn of the economy. Certainly, there’s people who have it worse but everyone internalizes pain and depression and grief in different ways. It was a very low point in our lives.”

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This is the Author | D.B. John

“My novel Star of the North is a thriller set in North Korea, American and China. It’s about three characters, all unconnected, whose lives cross in unusual and unexpected ways.”

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