This is the Author | Lance Rubin

“This is Lance Rubin, author of Denton Little’s Deathdate and Denton Little’s Still Not Dead. The first book is about a 17-year-old named Denton Little who lives in a world that’s much like our own except for one key difference — everybody knows their death date. And, Denton Little is a 17-year-old whose death date, when the first book starts, is tomorrow, the same day as his senior prom.”

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This is the Author | Kelly Osbourne

“My book is called There is No F*cking Secret, Lessons from a Badass Bitch, and what inspired me to write this book is that so many people have decided who they think I am, and tell me who they think I am, and come to me all the time and ask me what my secret is. And, I want the world to see who I really am, and the only way I could do that is by writing this book.”

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This is the Author | Erin Chack

“We just got finished recording the audio version of my book This is Really Happening. My book is about my life. It’s an essay collection about growing up, being in love, it’s about being afraid, it’s about being sick and it’s about getting over it and moving on.”

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This is the Author | Chipper Jones

“I wrote my book Ballplayer for a couple of different reasons. I wanted to give the reader some insight into my upbringing, my family life, what it was like to be in the dugout, to be in the clubhouse in those pitcher’s meetings on those pitcher’s mounds.”

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This is the Author | Jo Piazza

“My book is about what it’s really like to be married. We live in this world where everyone Instagrams and facebooks the most perfect parts of their marriage and partnerships but we never really talk about the nitty-gritty. What I realized about getting married – and I got married on the later side, I was 35 years old – is that no one gives you advice for the actual marriage.”

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